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Hey Ice Man!

Freeze the Moment! Create an unusual talking point that will be remembered for a long time to come. There is no better way than with one of our exquisite art forms in ice. What you will find here are without a doubt the most opulent, extravagant and unique forms of art in the world, since these sculptures will ultimately melt and be recalled only from the memory of those who see them or view photographs after their demise. Let Precise Ice turn your special day into an elegant affair. Enchant your guests and add that touch of class that your party deserves
A sparkling ice sculpture will add that distinctive finishing touch to your special event. From a majestic swan to a life size vodka luge, Precise Ice can cater for all major functions- Corporate, Weddings, Birthday Parties... in fact most business, social and seasonal occasions.
Precise Ice can provide any size of sculpture in the theme of your choice:
  • Corporate Functions: With unique ideas for corporate entertainment becoming increasingly rare, we can almost guarantee that elusive 'wow' factor with an ice center piece that will make your event memorable.
  • Themed Events: Ice carvings made into the form of your choice will certainly stay in the mind of all who see them. A motorcycle, horse or dancers: whatever the theme we know that we can provide something for you.
  • Weddings: We have a great range of wedding ideas that use the ice sculptures as a centerpiece for the different themes of wedding receptions. These can be part of the food table, a stand alone ice bar or patented flower and ice centerpieces.
  • Party: What spirit drink would be complete without the chilling effect of ice... and for this the spirit luge (pronounced with a soft 'g') comes into a league of its own! Spirit is poured in through the top of the ice sculpture passes through the ice via a specially drilled hole and is caught in a glass or mouth at the end of its journey. Carved by hand from a solid 400lb block of crystal clear ice, the luge is a fantastic way to thrill your guests and still provide the center piece of a themed party.
  • Ice Bars: These are one of the most visually impressive items that Precise Ice can offer. Items frozen within the ice (a logo or product for example) before carving will show off your company to the best advantage- alternatively for weddings flowers can be frozen within the ice and writing added in snow fill.

    Decorating the bar top with an ice luge, a flower vase or even wine coolers would provide ultimate 'wow' factor- bottle holders can even be cut into the rear of the supports to hold and chill bottles- and since the ice is clear, these will be seen from the front.

Whatever your requirements- be it a small tabletop ice sculpture or something much, much larger- email us your ideas and we will provide you with something totally unique in ice.
Our master sculptor, Paul Ahrens, has more than twenty-five years of experience and has earned a well deserved reputation for being both artistic and innovative. Read more about him on our about us page.

Paul Ahrens

Paul Ahrens, owner of Precise Ice and known as The Ice Man, coaxes dazzling swans, flames of fire, entwined hearts and corporate logos from 400 pound blocks of ice, using power tools, a chisel and a lifetime of artistic energy. Creating 7 to 15 pieces each week and working alone, he invests one to two hours on each piece, and more than three or more on more complicated creations.